Thursday, September 23, 2010

Imagine Best Friends Card

Hi friends! I bet you all thought I forgot about you! I promise I did not, I have just had "one of those weeks" I did manage to get A LOT of playing in with my new Cricut Imagine!! I absolutely LOVE this new machine! I was NOT going to buy it during the launch, but I am so glad now that I caved when I did. I do have to say that I will be a VERY HAPPY girl when I can use my beloved Gypsy with it. When that happens, no one will be able to stop me...hehe!!!! is a simple little card I made using the Best Friends Imagine cartridge. I didn't do any color changes. I just printed and cut it as it is, popped up the images with some pop dots and added them onto some embossed Kraft cardstock. I added some faux stitching and ribbon because I was feeling a little guilty because it almost felt too easy! The sentiment comes from My Pink Stamper and the little piece of patterned paper the sentiment is on was printed on my Imagine. I LOVE all the patterned paper and it prints out so beautifully. 


Don't worry, I will never abandon my Expression or my regular card-making style! My ONLY problem thus far with the Imagine is that I cannot use my Gypsy with it. I usually live with my Gypsy in my hands, so it has been a little difficult getting used to something different.  I think I had forgotten how to use a cartridge, but after playing around with the new machine for a bit, it is really easy! I have to admit, though, that I have printed on my mat a couple of times. I don't recommend watching TV while learning how to use the Imagine...LOL.  Also, here's a little paper tip that I learned the hard way. DO NOT use that glossy brochure paper in your Imagine! I was playing around with some different types of paper and thought "Oh, I'll bet this brochure paper will print on perfect "...NOT! It was a huge mess and I could barely get the paper off of the mat. It stuck REALLY BAD! Don't try this at home folks! Take it from me!

Hope you all are having a FABULOUS week!!!

Scrappy Hugs,
Kimmy :)


  1. This is SOOOOOOO adorable!! You are getting me so excited for my own Imagine! Good job girlfriend! =)

  2. This is super cute!! Love it! Can't wait for my I!!

  3. That is so cute! I really want the Imagine and I can't wait to see more of your Imagine projects...have fun!!

  4. Adorable card! This cart looks so cute!

  5. How stinkin cute!!! Love your card :)


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