Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Back!

Well, hello there! Remember me? I've been gone for pretty much a year. I wish I could say I was away traveling the world, but, unfortunately that's not the case! I have been dealing with some health issues with my mother, as well as some personal issues. and needed to put the blog on hold. I wasn't expecting to be gone this long, but life just happened. I do have to say that I am so excited to be back. Although I wasn't posting on the blog, that sure didn't stop me from buying new goodies and following all of my favorite blogs.  After looking back at what I have posted, I sure was temped to delete, delete, delete!! Boy, there are some doozies on here! I decided that would defeat the purpose of my blog in the first place; to see my growth in papercrafting. I also considered filling my page up with pictures from Pinterest (I'm so addicted to that site) so the old stuff would go way...LOL, but I am only going to post one...for now. If anyone is reading this, I sure do thank you. I have so missed this amazing community of friends. No matter how bad life gets, there is always someone there to life your spirits.  

This pin from Pinterest really sums up a lot for me:

You can follow me on Pinterest here.

I will be back soon with a card share. Have a peaceful and crafty Sunday!

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  1. Well gosh! Welcome Back! I can't believe I am the first comment on here. Glad life is settling down a bit and here is to wishing lots of crafty good wishes for you!! I love your card and I couldn't agree more with the quote you found on Pinterest!!
    Not sure if you are a follower of mine.. but obviously I am of yours or I wouldn't have seen this. :-)
    Take care!!


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