Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Blog Awards :) and some Walmart scoop

Well, it's been a little over month since I started this blog and I am soooo excited to say that I just received my first blog awards. Thienly at Mod Paperie gave them to me. I wanted to say thank you to Thienly and tell everyone to check out her blog. She has the most amazing creations posted and you will truly be inspired. 
Also, to answer your question, Thienly, I was able to get four of the Cricut Lite cartridges at my local Walmart the other day. They were JUST starting to put them out and did not have them all yet.  I won't mention my embarrassing moment the day earlier at the "other" Walmart I had gone to the day before to try and get my hands on those Cricut Lites. I am quite sure the managers at that Walmart must think I'm a nutcase. LOL

Here are the Cricut Lites I have so far:

Live Simply
B is for Boy
Sugar n Spice

I am told that Walmart's actual release date for the Cricut Lite cartridges is July 1st. So, if your local Walmart does not have any now, they will then.  I am also pleased that they are clearing out most of their old scrapbooking supply stock (a lot of good clearance stuff) and making room for new lines. So far, I have seen that they are starting to carry a lot of the X-Acto brand (they had a really cool new trimmer) and a new paper line called Colorbok (two little dots over the "o") that I really like.  Since I must be in the know when it comes to Walmart and paper crafting supplies, I interrogated the staff and found out they are setting up whole new "mods" in my favorite section. They had a few of the new line of paper stacks/pads, whatever you call them, and of course, I grabbed them all! Great prices, too! The quality is really good and I am loving the bright colors and patterns. 


  1. Congratulations on your awards! No thanks for the enabling, though, since now I have to head over to my Walmart and check out all their stuff!!

  2. Thanks Kimmy for the beautiful comments! I think that we all deserve recognition sometimes, don't we?
    Thanks for the update on the Walmart situation - I just hope that it comes to Canada! I'm envious - you got some of my carts that are on my wishlist!

  3. I found the Lites a little over a week ago clear across town! *LOL* I snagged Carousel and Handyman :) There are some others I want too, just can't spend the money just yet. Congrats on getting your first blog awards and have fun with your new carts!!!


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