Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have You Gotten Any of the Cricut Rewards T-Shirts?

I received my latest Cricut Rewards package a few days ago and I am so super excited!! I was able to get TWO cartridges:  New Arrival and Wedding, AND two t-shirts!! I think my cost was just a little over $12.00.  Pretty good deal, huh?  Anyway, I just LOVE my new t-shirts! They are made really nicely and so soft and comfy.  I ordered them big so I can wear them around the house and while I'm buzzing about my craft room.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, them!! I got the Sweet Treats and Craft Princess ones.  Did I mention I really love these t-shirts?! LOL If you haven't ordered any of the rewards t-shirts yet, you really should.  They are 100 points and worth every point. Okay, so that's my little tidbit of the day. Hope you all are having a super crafty Saturday!!  My craft room looks like a mini twister went through it, however, I am getting a lot done.  Pictures to follow a little later.

Big Crafty Hugs,

Kimmy ; D

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