Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanks Paper Smooches Card

Hi y'all! I am back from a very unexpected blogging break. If you don't feel like listening to me ramble, feel free to scroll on down to the card. Promise I won't be offended. 

First, a week before my oldest son's 13th birthday(yes, I am officially the mom of a teenager, ACK!!), he had to have an emergency appendectomy! Needless to say, mom mode took over and I was a basket case. One afternoon he called from school saying he was sick and by 6:30 p.m. he was in surgery. He handled it like a champ. Way better than his mom.

I have also been dealing with a mystery "thing" on my chin and have been to numerous dermatologists and found out...nothing. No one can seem to tell me what the thing is. Cultures, biopsies, you name it, it's been done. I have never taken so many antibiotics and tried so many topical meds in my life! It turns into this monstrous, red, painful, clear fluid-filled GINORMOUS lump, goes away, comes back. I know, disgusting, right? I can tell you that it has taken over my life for many weeks and there have been times when the "thing" gets so out of control I can't even leave the house. I became very depressed for a while, as I have always been fanatical about my skin. I do THINK it is gone now, for the most part. I don't think I will ever know what it was. I apologize if I've shared TMI, but I really felt the need to explain and vent. that I have a nifty new blog design and I no longer feel like a scary monster, I feel a fresh new start is in order. Although I haven't posted much, I have been working like crazy in the studio. I have tons to share with you.  In my previous life, before kids, I was an elementary school teacher. I dabbled in middle and high school, as well.  Although I don't have plans to go back any time soon, I do miss the teaching aspect. I do love to teach.  I love to learn just as much and I would love to share some of the many things I have learned in this amazing industry. I am truly amazed at the talent in the blogosphere and inspiration is just everywhere. Have I mentioned my addiction to Pinterest? Anyway, I would like to start doing video tutorials and I could use your help. What kind of tutorials do you like? What kind of techniques do you want to see? Or, do you just like fast-motion, start to finish card videos put to music? Are you a beginner and just want to know where to start? I would love your input on this.  After all, you are the ones I will be making the videos for! 

Having said ALL that, there will be many changes around here and I am looking forward to them! 

So, after poking around on Pinterest recently, I decided to start a board of patterns. So, I was playing around with these triangles and came up with this (btw, the stamp set I used is one of my favorites EVER; so many options from just one stamp set; definitely a MUST have set).  Just one problem. I messed up the pattern! I accidentally stamped one of the open triangles over a green triangle instead of the aqua one.  Oh, well. I still like it. Super fast to make and I just may make some more in different color variations. 

Kim Hughes, owner/creator of Paper Smooches is offering up a FAB prize just for linking up a thank you card. You have until midnight MT tonight to join in. Check it out here

I'll be back soon! Happy stamping!


  1. Cute card!!! I am always looking for tutorials that address Cricut cartridges especially the lite carts. Thanks for listening.
    Hugs, CyndiU
    cureta2 at yahoo dot com

  2. cute. Glad to see you're back - i was wondering and hoping you were all right! teenagers - well all I can say is that "this too shall pass" and thank goodness - when you have to watch your cutest little boy growing up it's hard enough, but then to see them turn evil on you - it's heartwrenching. I found myself thinking all of the things I did for him and he treats me like that? HUH? some boys have harder times than others in their rights of passage. maybe yours will still be cute and cuddly instead of hot headed and prickly like mine. TFS - happy fall Kimmy - your Violette's friend.


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