Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting Your Creative Mojo Back Watercolor Card

So, I've been in a creative slump lately. Hate when that happens. I have figured out a few tricks to get those creative juices flowing again.  One of them is to get out the craft mat, the distress inks, some watercolor paper, and just play. I don't think about creating a finished project. I just play around until I start feeling inspired and often times something pretty comes out of it.

This card came out of a creative play session. I only used two colors of Distress inks here, Picked Raspberry and Squeezed Lemonade. I started by using my water brushes to go over the whole panel with Picked Raspberry. I then went in with the Squeezed Lemonade.  I just love how the colors mixed and made some places orange! It was pretty bright at first, so I decided to soften it up with some white pigment ink.  I put a sentiment on it and called it done!  Although my play session took a while, the card itself literally took minutes from start to finish.  I have a ton of panels that, let's just say, don't look too hot, but that's okay.  Out of it came something I can recreate in a bunch of different colors and greetings to put together a nice set.  So easy to mass produce this one. This picture really doesn't do it justice. Much prettier in real life.  I am going to see if I can get a better picture to replace this one. The light was just not cooperating with me.

One more thing.  I mailed out a card for the first time in a long time yesterday.  It felt so good!  It is strange that I spend so much time making cards and never mail them out.  Shame on me!! I'm going to make an effort to mail one out at least once or twice a week.  Are you good at mailing them out? Do you do it often?  If not, go mail one out. Who doesn't love happy mail?!


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